Friday, November 25, 2011

Bangkok? Yes? No?

Leave/Holiday? ...Check!
Shopping money? ..Check!
Passport? ......Check!
Air Asia tickets?... Check!

Flood? Check :(

I'm pretty sure a few of you girls have been planning a trip to Bangkok.
Especially with the upcoming holidays (year-end,Christmas,etc)

Bangkok is a shopping haven, and you've been resisting getting that assymmetrical top you saw on an e-boutique so you could save up for Bangkok, where you'll go shopping-crazy
You might have even contemplated on bringing an empty suitcase, or upsizing your baggage on Air Asia lol!

Honestly, I'm guilty of all the above *blush*
And it was a super bummer when I heard of the flood! Travel plans ruined, tickets to waste!
I've been following news updates of the Bangkok flood *almost religiously*
waiting for the flood to subside.

Good news!
While one should still remain cautious,
your trip isn't totally ruined, and you'll still get to go shopping! :))

Read about the current situation here!

Thailand Tourism Update

That's if you, like me, puchased your tickets way in advance.
Really wouldn't recommend anyone buy tickets for December now IMHO =/
maybe during the CNY hols?