Sunday, November 13, 2011

Skater Dress!

The dresses above are available in ocean green,black and electric blue!
from The Attires Attic for RM49

How to wear skater dresses

"One of the joys of the skater dress is how easy it is to wear. The simple shape and typically bright colours these dresses come in mean they really lend themselves to a similarly simple outfit: they’re the kind of thing you can just add a pair of shoes to, and maybe tights if it happens to be cold out, and be ready to go. A slim belt will also help accentuate the fitted waist even further, and a brooch or necklace doesn’t hurt if you really want to accessorize"

- the fashion

Ps. Something I've often wondered was where they got their names from so just a little in case you were wondering!: The skater dress got it's name from ice-skating outfits!..I know, that was a little of a "duh" moment for me *blush*