Wednesday, January 4, 2012

twenty twelve

I realized 2012's here! and we're...well, 5 days into it.
But when and how did it get here so fast? In my mind it's still October 2011 and I'm piled up with work.

What did you do 2011?? :)
Well for me,I'm sure I've matured, and learned a couple of new things..
I've also changed my hair style and recently discovered my love for yellow.

But other than that, I can't quite recall anything self beneficial I've done over the year.
Like run a marathon ,do something for charity, *get a hot bod*ahem* , take up a foreign language or learn a new sport....unless you count follow all my tv series' religiously :P ..okeh maybe not.

I realize I spent 2011 immersed in my work, so what I'm saying is

Let's try to be better people this year, love more, laugh more, give more, be more gracious*, learn new things, spend less time on 9gag *blush* take up baking or knitting.

If you haven't made your new years resolutions yet, make them! and try to stick by them this year.Set new goals! new targets and work your best at achieving them.

and thanks for reading Wear To! It means heaps to me you haven't any idea. :)

Here's to making 2012 count!!

*I realize I'm starting to sound a little corny there, but for the most part, I do mean it ;)