Monday, April 30, 2012

Fashionny? or Fashion Faux Pas?

And the star of today's topic are FitFlops!

There's been abit of a hype about these sandals that hit Malaysia, well, not too long ago.

So the question is, Fashion Yes? or Fashion No?

This entry was inspired by a friend of mine, who's pretty "current".
She regulars topshop, wears loud print and coloured skinnies...that sorta thing.
But one day, while having dinner with her I glanced down and to my horrors of horrors,
she was wearing FitFlops(the plain ones with the FITFLOP logo in the front).
I casually pointed it out and she responded with " Oh yea! They're new. They costed me RM300+ (I think it was)"

What I can't help but wonder is how these pair of sandals got so "hyped".
Is it the hype that generates more hype? Or do they look really fashionable?

I did some reading on these and they've been called the most comfy sandals ever,
as well as
"glorified aunty slippers".

Let's weigh it in from both angles:

They range in the hundreds (RM)
- Might not be something you'd willingly drop a few hundered on. Imagine getting cute pumps from Zara+a dress from Topshop+a clucth from DP.

But they do have their benefits, which means toning and probably better posture.

So they're good for you, but are they really worth the exception?
Seeing as they aren't exactly as fashionable as brogues or loafers.

For me, they remind me a little of crocs, comfy but not for the fashion conscious.
Great to wear when you're heading to the super market or to pack along in your gym bag,
but probably not to pair with dip dyed oversized shirts and printed skinnies.

Might be the comfiest thing I would ever wear,
but after all the heels, shoe bites and blisters I've endured to look good,
I wouldn't mind just slipping my feet into ballet flats or even my havaianas for lazy day outs.

But that's just my opinion of course,
what say you? YAY or NAY?