Monday, January 7, 2013

The Camel Toe

Camel toes. Boy! are they embarrassing.
With all the selfies and ootd pics we take these days, falling victim to The Camel Toe is almost social suicide.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the guest star of this post, here it is;


 sharon stone/ miley

I know, YIKES! I'm no celebrity but I do still care if someone knows what my lady bits look like!
To understand The Camel Toe, let have to go back to the very roots. The whys and hows.
Why is it called the Camel Toe?

When your bits resemble an actual camel toe. That's when it's called a camel toe.
I don't think I need to further elaborate this.
What causes the Camel Toe?

Camel toes are mainly the cause of too-tight / ill fitting bottoms. Like leotards, rompers/jumpsuits , hot pants, booty shorts....


I know we all need to work off that cupcake we had, but The Camel Toe is especially common to girls who wear leggings, exercise pants or yoga pants.


How to avoid having the Camel Toe :

1. Better fitting bottoms.

Sometimes we squeeze into pants that are a size smaller and are happy that we managed to get into them. Fitting into smaller pants means laying off the ice cream did help, didn't it? Also because skinnies are in, it hugs our legs better right?  

Wrong! As long as we have to "squeeze" into any type of pants, we really shouldn't be buying them.
You really don't need pants that might need unbuttoning when you sit and besides also creating severe muffin top, the camel toe is so not worth it ladies!

2. Long tops

Wearing long tops that stretch down to your bum is the simplest solution.
Especially if you were dying to wear your new galaxy printed leggings eventhough it gives you camel toe. It may still be there, but hey, at least no one sees!

3. Panty Liners

I need to exercise. I need to wear gym bottoms. I can't find a long top that's dry fit!
Another easy solution is to wear a panty liner. If you're especially conscious of your down there's debut in yoga class, panty liners are really worth the try.

4. Anti Camel Toe DIY

A video I came across showing you how to make your own anti camel toe device. I do admit, I find it a little ridiculous and it looks uncomfortable even. Personally, I'd stick with wearing panty liners. However, it might just be worth a try.

That's all I have for today on The Camel Toe, hopefully it will come in handy to you girls :)
Let's big farewell to the unsightly camel toes, hopefully forever!


Hair Chalking

I'm sure everyone's familiar with hair chalking now. :)


It gives your hair personality! And let's you stand out ;)
Best thing is that it's temporary, so there's not so big a commitment there. lol
It also doesn't damage your hair like bleaching does.

So it's follow the trend of hair chalking!

You can get your own set of non-toxic chalks at Charming Valerie.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

I'm diggin' these ombre stockings :)
They look simple yet chic and wears perfectly with black and wedges like the pic above.
Other colours available too;

These fab stockings are from Delirious

Bedazzling Bottoms.

I love these skirts :)
Flared and flirty, these velvet textured skirts are also vibrant!

Like your outfits with a little shine?
These platinum bottoms come as chic high waisted shorts
or a preppy flared mini :)
RM39 / RM39

All the bottoms above are from Luvpercent

I simply love this maxi. 
Of delicate chiffon with a hint of grecian charm.
Inspired from the runway and oozing with femininity,
this baby would be a head turner for sure!

This dress is from XOXO Boutique
RM 120

Sunday, November 25, 2012

It's been awhile, today I'm showing you girls some really cute pairs of SHORTS!

Edgy studded highwasteds, a treasure! Especially when they're pretty hard to find. :) 

Uber cute vintagey faded paperbag shorts / Cleaner & minimalistic with 4 exposed buttons.
RM40 / RM45

And my personal favourite are these bold printed shorts.
Would funk up your look even with any plain tee. So tempting. ;)

All the above are from Eternal Clothes.
These are pre-orders and take 2 weeks.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Fashionny? or Fashion Faux Pas?

And the star of today's topic are FitFlops!

There's been abit of a hype about these sandals that hit Malaysia, well, not too long ago.

So the question is, Fashion Yes? or Fashion No?

This entry was inspired by a friend of mine, who's pretty "current".
She regulars topshop, wears loud print and coloured skinnies...that sorta thing.
But one day, while having dinner with her I glanced down and to my horrors of horrors,
she was wearing FitFlops(the plain ones with the FITFLOP logo in the front).
I casually pointed it out and she responded with " Oh yea! They're new. They costed me RM300+ (I think it was)"

What I can't help but wonder is how these pair of sandals got so "hyped".
Is it the hype that generates more hype? Or do they look really fashionable?

I did some reading on these and they've been called the most comfy sandals ever,
as well as
"glorified aunty slippers".

Let's weigh it in from both angles:

They range in the hundreds (RM)
- Might not be something you'd willingly drop a few hundered on. Imagine getting cute pumps from Zara+a dress from Topshop+a clucth from DP.

But they do have their benefits, which means toning and probably better posture.

So they're good for you, but are they really worth the exception?
Seeing as they aren't exactly as fashionable as brogues or loafers.

For me, they remind me a little of crocs, comfy but not for the fashion conscious.
Great to wear when you're heading to the super market or to pack along in your gym bag,
but probably not to pair with dip dyed oversized shirts and printed skinnies.

Might be the comfiest thing I would ever wear,
but after all the heels, shoe bites and blisters I've endured to look good,
I wouldn't mind just slipping my feet into ballet flats or even my havaianas for lazy day outs.

But that's just my opinion of course,
what say you? YAY or NAY?