Thursday, July 28, 2011

I had a Fat Day last week


Girls, I had a Fat Day last week,

Fat day; a particular day where nothing looks good on me.

It all began when I decided to put up my hair in a messy updo, Eva Longoria style.

Horrible mistake! Chin-zilla reared it's ugly head!~

I then put on my amazing new laced tube maxi,
but all it revealed was the amazing amount of flab I had in my arms! :(

Ditched the tube, and put on my black "sleeved" bodycon
Is it possible that even black *a slimming colour* does not hide my nemesis,
Le Belly Fat?!

Truth is, my Fat Days normally go like this;

But guess what girls!
Fat Days are behind me,never to return again :D

It's a little thing, or rather 2 things I discovered from Supermodel Secrets that works like


The first, is dedicated entirely to toning,firming,exfoliating and contouring the body
Meaning: Gives me a HOT BOD.

It's called the LUS S-line body glove!

The S-Line Body Glove is a dual sided glove, 1 for exfoliating dead skin
the other is a treatment that targets fat.
Scrubbed it over my arms,legs and tummy and they felt firmer after.
No joke!
Also because of the exfoliating action, my skin is left baby soft ;)

PS : I love that theres 2 holes in the glove, making it easy to scrub it in with left and right hand
and very DIY as you are perfectly able to scrub it on all by yourself.

And the second, is to lift,slim and shape your face
Meaning: NO double chins!


It's called the LUS V-line Lift Up :)
Comes with sheets that gradually heat up after you've applied it.
But look at the difference! After three treatments my chin has become trimmer
and less lumpy. ;)

PS : Love that the head strap comes in a cute pink.
Sheet actually starts burning up like crazy! But I quite like the
Usually put it on before I take a short nap, and take it off after I wake up,
and the head strap is actually surprisingly comfortable to wear. ;)

Dear girls, NOT UPDO'S, NOR BODYCONS, NOR TUBES will EVER dampen my day again,
now that I've got the solution to the perfect V-Line chin and S-Line body!

And this is how it goes now;

Slim Trim Wear To


Hi girls,
The LUS V-Line and LUS S-Line are now available at Supermodel's Secrets
for a promo price of RM79 and RM 71 each per pack
( Usually RM99 and RM89 valid till Sept 4th)
also available at Sasa Outlets

However, there is a way you can get V-Lines or S-lines for FREE!
*Ipad!? don't play play!*

TWIO is holding a contest, and it's a really easy one. ;)
Also, prizes are totally worth entering the contest for!!!

This is what you gotta do to;

STEP 1: Snap a photo of yourself showing V or S in any way you like
STEP 2: Email photos to or with your Name, Contact and photo
STEP 3: Your photo will be up on Facebook get your friends to Like your photo on the link emailed to you.
Highest votes wins the Ipad2, top 30 wins either 1 box of S Line or V Line. JOIN NOW
STEP 4: Be in the running to win!

Go over to Supermodel's Secrets for more info! :)


LUS V-Lines and S-Lines at combo deals!

(Valid til 4 Sept 2011)

Option 1
LUS S LINE Body Slimming Glove 1 box
+ LUS V Line FACE Slimming set + FREE Shipping worth RM 6
RM 150 only (RM 44 OFF - Normal RM 194)

Option 2
LUS S LINE Body Slimming Glove 1 box
RM 170 (SAVE RM 60!)

More convincing pics! :)

Over at Supermodel's Secrets! :)