Saturday, July 16, 2011

Make up brushes, cleaned!

Hi girls! :)
To start this post off, I stumbled across this video by RiceBunny while ago,
here it is below,

And I decided to show you how I clean my brushes :)

I usually use hotel shampoos and conditioners that I've taken,
because they usually end up being kept for years,
so I figured this is the best to use em' and they're also free ;)
and this saves on using expensive brush cleaning liquids.

2. Instead of brushing it on my hand,I use a small bowl (with shampoo+conditioner in it)
and brush it around sorta in a circular motion, lightly hitting it against the bowl each time.

3. Then, I wash it off and squeeze it with a paper towel.

4. To dry them off,
I guess I'm little too lazy to hang the brushes up on clips.
I used to just let them dry on their side, but after I got the Brush Guard I do this,

I pull the Brush Guards slightly over the tip, and drop them in a glass to dry.
Brushes don't get out of shape, and water doesn't flow back into the holder,
if you watched the video how important this is! lol

And yeap, that's it!
After it dries you get clean brushes that look Good As New! :)

Brush Guards are also really good for traveling,
Just throwing the brushes into a makeup bag ruins the brush and it's shape,
but with the brush guard, you'd be 100% sure your brushes will be safe and shapely when
you take it out after your trip.
* My mum travels quite abit, got a set for her and she thinks it's the best thing ever!*

So yea,would highly recommend everyone get a Brush Guard set. ;)
the one I'm using is the variety pack with a few different brush guard sizes that you
can use for eye liner brushes all the way to blush brushes!

Got my set over at Syiok Sendiri Sisters for RM23*pre-order*

You can also get them at Lovely Adornment for RM25